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Path :  Bloodbank +4 °C Refrigerator LabStar Sanguis / LabStar Sanguis LSSA
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Bloodbank Refrigerator LabStar Sanguis LSSA

  • Forced air circulation , automatic defrost and condensate evaporation
  • Micro-processor driven temperature controller
    - Visual/audible alarm device, mains-independent
    - Alarm warning for excess and insufficient temperature
    - Power failure alarm
    - Probe failure alarm
    - Door alarm
    - Integrated data logger
    - USB port for data download
    - Circular chart recorder for 7 days
    - No-volt remote alarm contact for
    connection to a remote alarm system
  • External housing made of white corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel plate with PVC finish
  • Self-closing and lockable door
  • Door hinges on right, changeable
  • Door seal changeable
  • 2 drawers with telescopic slide-out
  • Interior made of stainless steel CNS
  • Interior lighting
  • 4 castors, 2 height adjustable feet at rear
Abb.r.: LabStar Sanguis LSSA1004GEWU
Modell LabStar Sanguis   LSSA1004GEWU
Temperature range °C : +2/+6
Content Liter netto : 100
Ext. dimensions (WxDxH) mm : 600x600x850
Int. dimensions (WxDxH) mm : 475x440x460
Depth with door opened mm : 1135
Drawers   : 2
Number of blood bags à 450 ml   : 64
Weight kg : 80
Mains connection  : 1/N/PE~230 V 50 Hz
Shipping dimensions (WxDxH) mm : 680x680x1050
Shipping weight kg : 91
Refrigerant CFC- and HCFC-free   : R134a


Modell Außen/Innen Art.-Nr.
LabStar Sanguis LSSA1004GEWU weiß, Glastür / CNS GSLSSA1004GEWU


Additional options and accessories on  ⇒  request


LabStar Sanguis + Accessories Outside / Inside Cat. No.
LabStar Sanguis LSSA1104GEWU white, glass door / CNS GSLSSA1104GEWU
ProfiTec Temperature Monitoring and Recording System (see sep. brochure). GPTEC4A
ProfiCaller telephone dialler (see sep. brochure). on request
Pt-100 temperature sensor, add. installed for ext. temperature recording. ZXX2-020-2L
SMS alarm (to 5 mobile numbers maximum). on request
7-day circular charts. Pck. of 100 pieces. on request
Internal dividers for drawer. 1 set consisting of 3 dividers. ZLSSA4-010
MIN/MAX thermometer to be placed in refrigerators or freezers. ZXX2-019-001
Measuring range -50/+50 °C, an add. temperature sensor is not required.
MIN/MAX digital thermometer.
Hand-held unit with digital display as well as
data-hold and relative measuring function. Measuring range -200/+1370 °C.
An add. temperature sensor is required, eg. Cat.-No. ZXX2-022-100.
Temperature sensor for MIN/MAX thermometer ZXX2-019-011.
Measuring range -100/+1000 °C. Length 2 m. Other ranges on request.
Export version with special voltages / frequencies.
on request
 Temperature Monitoring
intelligent temperature monitoring and recording system
• For up to 4 refrigerators
   and/or freezers
• Readings are stored over
   a period up to 781 days
• Warning for excess and
   insufficient temperature
• Includes no-volt remote
   alarm contact
• The measuring protocol
   can be fed to PC via
   RS-232 port

Download Data sheet


 Inventory Systems
Stainless steel drawers,
freezer cassettes and grid
inserts enable specimens to be stored and retrieved in a clear and orderly manner.
Optimum use is made of
the storage capacity.
Please ask
for a personal
fitting option.
 MIN/MAX Thermometer
MIN/MAX digital thermometer
with add. temperature sensor
Art.Nr. ZXX2-019-011,
Art.Nr. ZXX2-022-100


  ⇑ Overview: Bloodbank +4 °C Refrigerator LabStar Sanguis  

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