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Temperature monitoring and recording system ProfiTec

  • For up to 4 refrigerators and freezers, ovens and incubators
  • Operating panel with digital display options for date, time,
    temperature of the 4 measuring stations
  • Automatic adjustment from summer to winter time
  • Digital display is also used for programming.
    Measuring stations can be individually identified
  • Acoustic alarm device with individually adjustable warning levels
    and delay times
  • No-volt remote alarm contact for connection to central control stations
    or telephone relaying
  • 3 signal inputs for door contact and / or system fault
  • Records up to 4 measuring stations simultaneously over a period of up to
    781 days (5-minute intervals)
  • Storage intervals selectable from 1 to 60 minutes
  • Readings are stored even in event of power failure
  • A rechargeable battery is available as an option and enables readings
    to be taken and stored even during a power cut
  • Measuring protocol can be read out directly on the instrument or PC
    via the RS-232 port (for software see Accessories)
  • Up to 79 ProfiTec units can be linked within a network via the RS-485 port
  • Measuring protocols can be called up individually with the PC
  • Casing is made of plastic with a transparent cover for the operating panel
  • Screws and a set of plugs are included for mounting the instrument on a wall
Fig.r.: ProfiTec 424A
Model ProfiTec   424A
Temperature range °C : +600/-110
Resolution °C : 0.5
Ambient temperature °C : 0 to +50
External dimensionse (W×D×H) mm : 160 × 105 × 185
Power consumption watts : 5
Measuring stations   : 4
Signal inputs   : 3 × 230 V with time delay
Storage capacity for readings   : 225000
Interfaces   : RS-232, (ProfiTec - PC)
    : RS-485, (ProfiTec - ProfiTec)
Calibration   : factory preset, maintenance-free
Protective system electrical   : IP54
Mains connection  : 1/N/PE~230 V 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Front view


ProfiTec + Accessories Cat. No.
Temperature sensor with 6 m lead ZPTEC2-040-06
Temperature sensor with 12 m lead ZPTEC2-040-12
Temperature sensor with 30 m lead ZPTEC2-040-30
Temperature sensor with other lead on request
Set of rechargeable batteries 12 V / 1.3 Ah ZPTEC2-041
Connection lead between ProfiTec and PC ZPTEC2-043
(RS-232 port), 3 m long  
Software for evaluation and recording for Windows ZPTEC2-044-XP
Digital converter for networking the ProfiTec ZPTEC2-044-NT
with a PC, with integrated power supply  
Connection lead between ProfiTec and Digital ZPTEC2-046
converter for networking (Price per metre)  
Converter USB2.0 / RS-232 ZPTEC2-044-RS232-USB

Side view

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  ⇑ Overview: Temperature Monitoring and Recording Systems  

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