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Telephone dialler ProfiCaller

  • The ProfiCaller telephone dialler independently calls up to 4 telephone numbers in the event of a fault and issues a previously entered text.
  • There is a free choice of dialling sequence.
  • The automatic redial setting is three times for each number.
  • The message text has a maximum length of 40 seconds.
  • The dialler comes with a plug-in power supply unit.
  • All 4 alarm ouputs are preconfigured in the standard, 5 m connecting lead.
Fig.r.: ProfiCaller
Model   ProfiCaller
External dimensions (WxDTxH) mm : 150 × 30 × 104
Mains connection  : 1/N/PE~230 V 50 Hz - 60 Hz with plug-in power supply 11,5 V to 14 V
PBX-capable   : yes
System requirements   : telephone connection (TAE-N)
    no-volt remote alarm contact at the
    cooling and freezing devices
    or temperature monitoring and
    recording system ProfiTec 424A


ProfiCaller + Accessories Cat. No.
ProfiCaller on request
Uninterupted power supply unit (UPS) ZXX2-007-20

Download Data sheet


Connection options:
For up to 4 cooling and freezing devices with no-volt remote alarm contact.
1   Telefonic alarm via ProfiCaller.
For up to 4 cooling and freezing devices without no-volt remote alarm contact.
2   Akustic and optical alarm via ProfiTec.
3   Telefonic alarm via ProfiCaller via ProfiTec.


  ⇑ Overview: Temperature Monitoring and Recording Systems  
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