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Laboratory Upright Freezer LabStar Sirius LSSI 50..

  • Forced air circulation with automatic defrost and condensate evaporation or
    Static cooling and manual defrost
  • Cooling unit top
  • Operating panel with main switch
    - Electronic control with digital display
    - Visual/audible alarm device
    - Alarm warning for excess and insufficient temperature
    - Door alarm
    - No-volt remote alarm contact for connection to a remote alarm system
    - RS-485 port
  • Self-closing and lockable door
  • Door hinges on right, changeable
  • Door seal changeable
  • 3 adjustable grid inserts in tilt-resistant guide rails
  • Interior made of stainless steel (CNS)
  • 4 castors, 2 lockable
Fig.r.: LabStar Sirius LSSI 5030EWU. (With accessories Inventory Systems.)
Model LabStar Sirius   LSSI 5030 LSSI 5025
    Forced air circulation Forced air circulation
Glass door
Temperature range °C : -10/-30 -10/-23
Content litres (gross) : 515 523
Content litres (net) : 348 354
Ext. dimensions (W×D×H) mm : 620 × 860 × 1997 620 × 860 × 1997
Int. dimensions (W×D×H) mm : 500 × 685 × 1505 500 × 695 × 1505
Depth with door opened mm : 1440 1440
Weight kg : 114 114
Mains connection  : 1/N/PE~230 V 50 Hz - 60 Hz 1/N/PE~230 V 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Grid inserts   : 5 5
Shipping dimensions (W×D×H) mm : 700 × 880 × 2200 700 × 880 × 2200
Shipping weight kg : 125 125
Refrigerant CFC- and HCFC-free   : R404A R404A


LabStar Sirius + Accessories Outside / Inside Cat. No.
LabStar Sirius LSSI 5030EWU white / CNS GSLSSI5030EWU
LabStar Sirius LSSI 5030EEU CNS / CNS GSLSSI5030EEU
LabStar Sirius LSSI 5025GEWU white, glass door / CNS GSLSSI5025GEWU
LabStar Sirius LSSI 5025GEEU CNS, glass door / CNS GSLSSI5025GEEU


Additional options and accessories on  ⇒  request


LabStar Sirius + Accessories Cat. No.
ProfiTec temperature monitoring and recording system GPTEC4A
ProfiCaller telephone dialler on request
Pt100 temperature sensor, add. installed for ext. temperature recording ZXX2-020-2L
Grid inserts, 430x655 mm (BxT) ZLSSI4-430x655
Guide rails for grid inserts, 1 Pair ZLSSI1-024
Drawer with telescopic slide-out for LSSI 50xx, made of CNS ZLSSI4-001
Interior socket, tropical design ZLSSI1-001-01
Feet instead of castors made of CNS, 50 mm height adjustable ZLSSI5-021-125
Duct to storage compartment 26 mm in diameter ZLSSI1-002-26
Door hinges factory-mounted on left ZLSSI5-001
MIN/MAX thermometer to be placed in refrigerators or freezers, ZXX2-019-001
measuring range -50/+50 °C, no additional temperature sensor required  
MIN/MAX digital thermometer, hand-held unit with digital display as well as ZXX2-019-011
data-hold and relative measuring function, measuring range -200/+1370 °C  
(An additional temperature sensor is required, eg. Cat. No. ZXX2-022-100.)  
Temperature sensor for MIN/MAX thermometer ZXX2-019-011, ZXX2-022-100
measuring range -100/+1000 °C, length 2 m, other ranges on request  

 Inventory Systems
Stainless steel drawers,
freezer cassettes and grid
inserts enable specimens to be stored and retrieved in a clear and orderly manner.
Optimum use is made of
the storage capacity.


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